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Parts and Places: The Structures of Spatial Representation

Mereology (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) 13 May 2003 Mereology (from the Greek μερος, 'part') is the theory of parthood A. C., 1999, Parts and Places: The Structures of Spatial Representation,  Vision and the representation of the surroundings in spatial ... 27 Feb 2011 Vision and the representation of the surroundings in spatial memory to act as a basis for directing foveal vision to places where it is needed.. changes depend crucially on the three-dimensional structure of objects and so can be. that there are representations of object locations that include parts of the  FULL MEREOGEOMETRIES | The Review of Symbolic Logic ... Parts and Places. The Structure of Spatial Representation. Cambridge: MIT Press. Google Scholar. Clarke, B. L. (1981). A calculus of individuals based on  Spatial Imaginary and Geography: A Plea for the ... - jstor

reasoning, including spatial representations, spatial processes and spatial memory.. but not the relation between the kitchen and other structures in the city... Different place cells code different places, such that the response of several  Spatial Representation and Navigation in a Bio ... - Infoscience nal input and self-motion information various neural structures develop activity behavior and presents a bio-inspired model of spatial representation and navi- the hippocampal formation [6], as well as in other parts of the brain, called head.. and using some similarity measure to recognize visited places (with a natural.

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By this term we understand internal knowledge representation structures and their relations are part of a hierarchical structure in which places and regions of  Language as a source of evidence for theories of spatial ...

2 Oct 2006 on representing part-whole relations in knowledge representation languages,.. So, we still need to find a class of set theoretical structures such that also the. Arguably, there are 'gaps' or blank spots in mereology... ontology and would be inconsistent unless the spatial part of has PTs as its relata. Topology and Cognition - l'Institut Jean Nicod - CNRS 25 Jun 2002 these cases, we explicitly countenance the topological structure of the scene we perceive continuity, interior, exterior, tangential part, boundary, and the presence and. Topology related spatial representation can be isolated within the numerosity, a test display with two black spots may follow a  The structure of experience. - APA PsycNET The analogy extends in that the separate parts of objects and events are both salient in perception Parts and places: The structures of spatial representation. Understanding spatial structure from network data : theoretical ...

Parts and Places | The MIT Press This leads to a unified framework for spatial representation understood quite have dealt with parts of this spatial structure, using mereology or topology.